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About Wells Street Media


Since the beginning of our professional partnership in 2018, we have approached each new project with two objectives.

The first is to arrive at a final product that is effective, engaging, and honest. We want your audience to feel that certain ‘something’ you seek share – inspiration, motivation, the powerful connection between themselves and your story.

Our second objective is to make sure you enjoy yourself on the journey. We know this process can feel intimidating. There can be a lot of tech speak in this industry, a lot of fast-paced energy, short cuts, and flashing lights. That’s not us. We want our clients to be securely in the driver’s seat, feel comfortable asking questions, be clear on every stage of the process and truly feel like a part of our team. Making sure everyone is happy and comfortable is how we get the best results and have the most fun.

Beth Evans - Creative Director

Beth launched WS Media (formerly Windrun Media) in 2018 as a boutique video production company that aims to create a personalized client experience with dynamic storytelling at the heart of each piece. Since its inception, Beth has focused on directing and producing videos for diverse subjects and platforms – offering creative content, high production value, and affordability. She is also a filmmaker and deeply invested in story. Beth’s unique offer to the industry is in her approach. She strives to remove the intimidation factor from the production process – from the initial point of contact to final delivery. She lives and breathes the adage “there are no dumb questions.” She believes that having all project contributors on the same page at all times is the surest route to delivering a first-rate product.


Colin Evans - Cinematographer

Colin is a prolific Canadian cinematographer having worked extensively in television, commercials, and film for many years. Colin has been nominated twice for a Canadian ScreenAward both in 2017 and 2020. Recent TV credits include ‘Blown Away’ and ‘Motel Girls’ for Netflix and 'Forever Home' for the Scott Brothers. Commercial projects include spots for Doritos, Ford, Esso, Vitamix, Mercedes Benz, and Robin Hood Flour. Selected short films: ‘9 Letters’ directed by Linda Kash, ‘Love After Anne’ directed by DarrinRose, ‘The Rage’ directed by Steven Derock, and ‘The Bubble’ and ‘Going Away Party’ for WindrunMedia. Colin has a web series in post-production for director Cat Hostick. To see his complete resume and demo reels visit

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Dr. Dean McClelland – McClelland Chiropractic 

"Beth and Colin created a very relaxed atmosphere which made being on camera so much easier. They created a highly useful asset which has educated and attracted several new clients for my business." 

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